Introducing the Ms FIRE blog: Day 1 of how to retire early

Ms FIRE blog

The Money Bites website is bite sized money guidance. Our friend, Ms FIRE has joined us to talk all things Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE). Here’s how Ms FIRE is starting out on day 1 of how to retire early.


Have you heard of the FIRE movement?

I hadn’t until a few months ago.

I was just living my life like any other young person. I might save a bit of my pay cheque but that was up to chance. Saturday (and let’s be honest, Friday) night was dedicated to going out with friends, getting in way too many drinks (and pre-drinks) and then mopping it all up with the yum recovery brunch. It worked for me.  


Spending money was my outlet.

I don’t know anyone who loves their job. We’re told we all have a passion but the reality is that many of us are counting down to 5pm. Then counting down Monday to Friday until the weekend arrives and we can finally breathe. Spending money on stuff that makes me feel better definitely helps.  


Spending money was how I coped with a meh job.

If I made it to another Friday afternoon, I got to buy a new dress. And shoes to go with it. And a new top for work to brighten up my week. Plus, new earrings because they’re not really that expensive.


Spending money was my choice of what I did with my money.

Way too many financial bloggers treat money like a weird fasting diet. It’s my money and I had the right to enjoy it. Boring financial fuddy duddies could drone on about saving money as their version of the cabbage soup diet as much as they liked. I was too busy enjoying my money like financial caviar because life is short.

I never needed a financial guru to tell me how to live my life. Particularly one who was old enough to be my Mum because Mum will tell me the same thing anyway for free. Then give me some food because I was getting too thin (Mum’s a classic feeder).  


Then everything changed.

I clicked on a random article.

I kept reading.


And I found the FIRE movement.

I started reading about Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) and haven’t really stopped. Every second link on my laptop is somehow FIRE related. I’m loving the learning.

It’s a bit weird though, I’ve only just stepped into the FIRE movement world but have noticed a few BIG things:  

  • Most FIRE blogs are written by people who’ve already done it.
  • WAY too much FIRE bloggers benefited from the HUGE rise in property values.
  • Many FIRE bloggers who say they’re retired but they’re actually not – they’re running a course or podcast.
  • FIRE bloggers earn way more than anyone I know and have tickets on themselves.

I work hard. I don’t need another guy in tech who went to a bougie (bourgeoise) school telling me how I’m wrong. I know I’ve got stuff wrong. But I need a blog who meets me where I’m at.

How can someone who earns a normal wage get to FIRE?

Can they ever get to FIRE?

Well, I’m about to find out. I’m loving some amazing FIRE blogs out there and a growing diversity of voices in the space right now. I want to add my voice to that a unique point of view: Starting from Day 1. 


Ms FIRE blog: Day 1 of how to retire early

I am literally starting out on this journey. I have some amazing friends who know more about money than me. And I’m learning from them. The beauty of it is that as I learn, I write. So, as you read more from me, you’ll learn with me. Think of it as building Noah’s Ark from a tree branch. We’re literally at Day 1 here of how to retire early.


Ms FIRE blog: It’s a work in progress.

I have no idea what I’m doing. And I’m a commitment-phobe. So, I’m going to be guest blogging at Money Bites for a while to see how this blogging thing all works before I do my own thing (and learn how to stop saying thing).


Ms FIRE blog: Not another man with a high paying job.

WAY too many FIRE Blogs I read are by men. Men who work in well paid jobs in male-dominated fields like tech. I’m not against men, men are great. What I DO want is to show more young women kicking financial butt.


Ms FIRE blog: Mum didn’t give me a house deposit.

So many people I know get a leg up from Mum. If your Mum paid for you to buy a house: congrats. If your Mum helped you learn stuff about money: also, congrats. You’re super lucky and I am SO jealous. The Ms FIRE blog is me attempting to buy a house from ground zero. Let’s see if this works.


So that’s the Ms FIRE blog


I going to commit to sharing more of my journey as we go. This is day 1 of how to retire early and I’m stoked to be sharing it with you.

Ms FIRE out!


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Written by Kate Crowhurst

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