Financial Literacy Hub, with Money Bites

Established in January 2020, the Financial Literacy Hub compiles free financial literacy resources from across Australia. We have expanded the Hub to include resources from different countries to create a more global Financial Literacy Hub.

At Money Bites, we believe that it shouldn’t cost you anything to get started in managing your money. Welcome to the Financial Literacy Hub.




What money resources are included:

We’ve only added resources to the Financial Literacy Hub which are:

  • Targeted to address specific money topics
  • Free to use
  • Not trying to sell you a product.

We want to lead with education, which is why we also address many of these topics on the Money Bites blog. You can expect regular articles, focused on how to talk, earn, save and grow money.




So how do you use the Financial Literacy Hub?

Look at each topic and how different organisations can support you if you need help with that topic. Then click the picture of each organisation to go through to its webpage for more information. We aim to show you at least three organisations for each topic so you can choose the right one for you. 

Please get in touch if you know a resource that we should consider adding to the Hub. Until then, please enjoy the Financial Literacy Hub.




Country specific resources:




Australia: Australian Financial Literacy Resources



Support if you need help with debt
Financial Literacy Hub, Debt, National Debt Hotline Financial Literacy Hub, Debt Help, Way Forward Financial Literacy Hub, Debt, Financial Information Service
National Debt Helpline
Way Forward
Financial Information Service
A free and confidential phone call with a financial counsellor to talk through problems with debt and how to tackle these. You call them to explain the situation and they then suggest options to help you get rid of debt, including repayment plans. A free, confidential service that directs you to relevant information and resources, in addition to free financial seminars.



Support for working people who earn money
Financial Literacy Hub, Work, Australian Tax Office Financial Literacy Hub, Work, Super Guru Financial Literacy Hub, Work, Fair Work Ombudsman
Australian Tax Office
Super Guru
Fair Work Ombudsman
Provides information on how to prepare your tax return and submit this through the official government portal. It helps you understand and make the most of your super with free information and tools. If you live and work in Australia, this website provides you with information on your rights at work.

Mental health


Support for mental health conversations (because money and mental health are linked)

Financial Literacy Hub, Mental Health, Beyond Blue Financial Literacy Hub, Mental health, headspace Financial Literacy Hub, Mental health, Reach Out Australia
Beyond Blue
ReachOut Australia
Provides mental health information and support via its online forum and chat service or speak to someone via its 24/7 phone service. Young people aged between 12 – 25 can access mental health support online or on the phone for a free, confidential discussion. An online mental health service that provides self-help information, a peer-support program and referral tools for young people.

Business owners


Support in running your own business

Financial Literacy Hub, Financial Literacy Hub, Rural Financial Counselling Service Financial Literacy Hub, My Business Health
Rural Financial Counselling Service
My Business Health
This portal suggests government grants you might want to apply for as a business owner to support your business. You can speak to a specific rural financial counsellor for a free, confidential discussion about your situation. You can access this government website if you’re looking for tools and templates to help manage your business.



Support in navigating money and relationships
Financial Literacy Hub, Penda App Financial Literacy Hub, 1800RESPECT Financial Abuse Financial Literacy Hub, Relationships Australia
Penda App
1800RESPECT Financial Abuse Support Toolkit
Relationships Australia
This app supports those experiencing domestic or family violence by providing quick access to financial and legal information. You can speak to their counsellors on the phone or online 24/7 and access their online financial abuse toolkit. Money is a major cause of relationship breakdown. With this in mind, counselling and mediation could help resolve relationship issues.



Support for women and female identifying people
Financial Literacy Hub, Women Talk Money Financial Literacy Hub, Harmony Alliance Financial Literacy Hub, Relationships Australia
Women Talk Money
Harmony Alliance
Financial Toolbox
An online information resource for women wanting to learn about money, with interactive videos. Offers a free course that supports migrant and refugee women to learn about how money works in Australia. Provides finance education workshops and information for women at risk of financial abuse.

Indigenous Australians


Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.
Financial Literacy Hub, First Nations Foundation Financial Literacy Hub, Yarnin' Money Financial Literacy Hub, Indigenous Business Australia
First Nations Foundation
Yarnin’ Money
Indigenous Business Australia
Provides financial education and information to Indigenous communities and helps find lost super. Supports Indigenous Australians in remote communities by delivering a financial education training program. Offers specific information and funding for Indigenous Australians seeking to buy a home or start their own business.




New Zealand: NZ Financial Literacy Resources



Support if you need help with debt
Financial Literacy Hub, Debt, Citizens Advice Bureau Financial Literacy Hub, Debt, MoneyTalks Financial Literacy Hub, Debt, Good Shepherd NZ DEBTsolve
Citizens Advice Bureau
Good Shepherd NZ
A locally based, community organisation that helps people understand their rights and obligations to get the best outcomes.  Provides free, confidential advice on debt management and connects people with financial mentoring and other community services. Runs a DEBTsolve program to help you get on top of your debt by providing confidential support from a specialist debt coach.

Mental health


Support for mental health conversations

Financial Literacy Hub, Mental health, 1737 Financial Literacy Hub, Mental health, Mental Health Foundation of NZ Financial Literacy Hub, Mental health, Youthline
Mental Health Foundation of NZ
Offers brief counselling, which you can access 24/7 via a text or phone call. This support focuses on one or two things you need help with. They facilitate programs and run awareness campaigns, including sharing relevant mental health support and helplines. Offers a free 24/7 helpline service via text, phone, webchat and email as well as free in-person counselling services.

Business owners


Support in running your own business

Financial Literacy Hub, Business, Financial Literacy Hub, Business, Connected Financial Literacy Hub, Business, Work and Income
Work and Income
Provides tools and expert advice to help save businesses time. Provides financial options and initiatives to help run your business. Government services to support business owners to recruit staff.



Support for the tangata whenua, the Indigenous people, of New Zealand

Financial Literacy Hub, Māori, Whāriki Financial Literacy Hub, Māori, Whai Rawa Financial Literacy Hub, Māori, Māori Women’s Development Inc
Whai Rawa
Whāriki is the largest Māori business network, bringing together our whānau of Māori business owners and Māori professionals.  A savings program that helps create a better future for Ngāi Tahu whānau through greater wealth and wellbeing, including home ownership. Māori Women’s Development Inc (MWDI) supports Māori women in business through its online marketplace.




United Kingdom: UK Financial Literacy Resources



Support if you need help with debt

Financial Literacy Hub, Debt, StepChange Debt Charity Financial Literacy Hub, Debt, National Debtline Financial Literacy Hub, Debt, Debt Advice Foundation
StepChange Debt Charity
National Debtline
Debt Advice Foundation
Speak to their team of debt experts online or over the phone for free debt advice and practical support with your money worries. Provides free advice and resources to help you deal with your debts via a phone call, its web chat service or through the website. You can access free, impartial debt advice to get help with debt problems and solutions through its debt advice helpline.



Support for working people who earn money
Financial Literacy Hub, Work, TaxAid Financial Literacy Hub, Work, Citizens Advice Financial Literacy Hub, Work, Acas
Citizens Advice
If you’re on a low income, this service offers free and confidential advice to help you with tax issues. A network of local charities that offer confidential advice online, over the phone, and in-person, for free. Gives employees and employers free, impartial advice on workplace rights, rules and best practices.

Mental health


Support for mental health conversations
Financial Literacy Hub, Mental health, Heads Together Financial Literacy Hub, Mental health, Money Health & Money Advice Financial Literacy Hub, Mental health, Mind
Heads Together
Money Health & Money Advice
It aims to change the conversation on mental health through services, including its free 24/7 text messaging service called Shout. Provides impartial information, support and advice to help people better understand and improve their financial and mental health. Advice and support for anyone experiencing a mental health problem through its online community and services in local communities.



Support in navigating money and relationships
Financial Literacy Hub, Relationships, Relate Financial Literacy Hub, Relationships, Surviving Economic Abuse Financial Literacy Hub, Relationships, Family Lives
Surviving Economic Abuse
Family Lives
The UK’s largest provider of relationship support, with a network of licensed local counsellors and phone or online counselling. Raises awareness of economic abuse and transforming responses to it, including developing resources to support those experiencing it. Provides targeted early intervention and crisis support to families through a helpline and long-standing programs.