We make money bite-sized.

Money Bites was founded by a financial literacy expert, Kate Crowhurst. When she turned 21, Kate was already ending her first year as a high school teacher.

Kate left teaching to study financial literacy in greater detail, at the University of Melbourne and University of Cambridge. Kate stepped away from a PhD offer and instead worked in federal government, developing national education policy and programs, including financial literacy. These efforts saw her recognised with a place on the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018, and one of three global young leaders leading financial literacy progress.

Kate started Money Bites to address the problem of financial literacy access. We all use money but there’s very few opportunities to actually learn more about it. And when you do try, it can feel like you’re being lectured by your accountant. That feeling is at the heart of the problem Money Bites seeks to address:

We need to make access democratic
To make finance easier to understand
We need to make money bite-sized

Here’s our timeline of bite-sized financial literacy.


Money Bites Timeline


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So now that you know more about us, we’re keen to hear from you. If you’d like to work with us on a media enquiry, we’ve worked with a number of publications. We also have opportunities to collaborate through contributors to the blog, or our upcoming financial literacy education workshops.

Contact the Money Bites team and let’s chat about how you can work with us.