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How can we make more sustainable consumer choices?

How can we make more sustainable consumer choices? Money Bites
We look at Jason Mamoa’s experience sustainable spending choices and his tips for making more sustainable choices with our money.

Bite-Size Read:

  • More of us are trying to make sustainable spending choices.
  • Jason Mamoa has shared his experiences on how he has adopted more sustainable lifestyle practices.
  • His tips include ditching single-use plastics, going vegetarian, using energy-efficient transport, and setting up solar panels to generate power.


Every dollar you spend contributes to the global economy.

And more of us want to make spending choices that contribute to sustainability. In a cross-generational study, 77% of those surveyed wanted to learn more about sustainable lifestyles. 


However, making sustainable choices with money can be really hard.

This creates a gap between what we aspire to and what we actually do. In a further study, 65% of people wanted to buy brands that advocate sustainability but only 26% actually did. So, when a celebrity leads by example and has their actions match their rhetoric, we stopped to listen. 


The story on Jason Mamoa and his sustainable spending choices:

As the famous aquatic superhero, Aquaman, and a former Baywatch lifeguard, Jason Mamoa spends a lot of time in and around the water. And he’s increasingly passionate about sustainability. He even addressed the United Nations General Assembly on the topic in 2019


So how did he start taking action in his own life?

In this recent interview Jason did with InStyle magazine, Jason discussed his struggles with money, including being “completely in debt” after Game of Thrones. Seeing a celebrity be so honest about money and their struggles with finances was refreshing.

Equally refreshing was that in the same interview, Jason shared how he was making spending choices that would be more environmentally friendly. Many celebrities preach about being green while taking private jets, which generate 10 times the amount of carbon per passenger. By contrast, Jason’s practical tips are something we can learn from in our own spending behaviours. 



Here’s Jason Mamoa’s switches for making more sustainable spending choices:


1. Switch single-use plastics for reusable products

Jason has an “absolute ban on single-use plastics” including wattle bottles, straws and plastic forks. This includes bringing his own food packaging like Tupperware. We get this because so much of what we use involves single-use plastics, including food delivery services.

Take action: You could bring your own reusable water bottle or coffee cup to work. Some people will always need straws due to accessibility, and transportable reusable straws make it easier to carry a straw with you on the go.


2. Switch eating meat every day for Meatless Mondays

Jason shares that he is working on his meat consumption by being 100% in on Meatless Monday. He was prompted to cut back after learning that “producing a quarter pound of meat requires 1,850 gallons of water”. According to Jason, if global meat consumption reduced by 15%, “it would be like taking 250 million cars off the road each year”.

Take action: Buy or borrow a vegetarian cookbook from your local library. My favourite is Yotam Ottolenghi who is known for championing plant-based meals with still eating meat in his diet.


3. Switch driving your car everywhere for energy-efficient transport

Jason drives Harley motorcycles but tries to “keep it down to a dull roar”. He’s also switches his old cars to Tesla or hybrid models that are more energy-efficient.

Take action: Try walking to work or walking part of the way to cut down on your car usage. You can also buy a push-bike to leave the car at home for short trips. If you want to catch up on our podcast and learn about money on your commute, you could also look at public transport and taking the bus or train.


4. Switch electricity grid reliance for solar panels at home

Jason shared that he had “put everything off the grid for solar” around his house. Solar panels use the power of the sun and use this as a form of electricity. If your government subsidises solar energy programs, you could also save money on your power bills.

Take action: If you want to start small, you could buy a solar charger for your phone. As a bigger switch, explore whether your government offers incentives to use solar panels. They might also have a payback scheme where the government pays for the solar energy your home doesn’t use. That can add up and means in Australia, that your solar system pays for itself within 2 to 7 years.


We’re all working at it, you don’t have to kill yourself over it. It’s little tiny things and I’m always learning because we’re not perfect, far from it.

That quote from Jason Mamoa shows that making sustainable choices isn’t a competition. Look at what switches you might be able to make in your own life to be more sustainable.


Written by Kate Crowhurst


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