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5 ways to stay out of the red during the Black Friday sales

5 ways to stay out of the red during the Black Friday sales Money Bites
Here’s how to financially survive the Black Friday sales with your budget intact.

Bite-Size Read:

  • Black Friday sales are designed to push you towards making a purchase.
  • It’s important to manage your spending including being aware of 24 hours pressure in your social media feed and setting a limit for your spending.
  • You can also stay in control by shopping with a clear objective, being respectful of retail staff even if you’re stressed, and asking yourself whether you’ll use what you’re buying in a year.


If you’re active on social media, you’re aware of the Black Friday sales.

Where previously you had to go to a shopping mall to see these sales, now they’re in your feed 24/7, thanks to social media and targeted advertising. These advertisers know what you want and will do everything to sell it to you.


It becomes so more difficult to say no to buying something you really want it’s suddenly 50% off.

It can seem like you’re almost saving money because it’s on sale. So, during the Black Friday sales, you need to manage your spending to stay out of the red, or in other words, not go into debt.  


Here’s 5 ways to stay out of the red during the Black Friday sales: 


1. Expect 24 hours of pressure in your social media feed

During a sales season like Black Friday, you will face huge advertising pressure on social media. Marketers know that you’re more likely to buy things on sale and will pressure you to buy. Expect the pressure before it happens and stay off social media if you’re feeling weak.


2. Set a limit for how much to spend

During sales season, it’s easy to get carried away and give in to your impulses before thinking about how much you’re spending. Make sure you set a limit for how much you’ll spend during a sales season like Black Friday. Once you reach this limit, you need to then have the self-control to stop spending.


3. Ask yourself if you’ll use it in a year

When you look at a product advertisement, you’re buying a carefully scripted lifestyle pitch. The hope advertisers have is that you’ll want to escape your normal life by buying their product. Snap out of their control by asking yourself if you’ll use the product you’re buying in a year from now. If the answer is no, step away from the shopping cart.


4. Be respectful to all retail staff

Shopping can be a stress-inducing experience when you’re pushing through crowds and competing with others for the same product discount. If you’re in any doubt, look at online videos of people physically fighting over Black Friday sale products. Retail staff are professionals who are there to help you. Whether it’s online or in-person, make sure you treat them with respect and manage your own stress levels rather than taking it out on them.


5. Only go shopping when you have a clear objective

We often shop online or go browsing at the mall when we’re bored or have time to kill. However, shopping without a clear objective during the Black Friday sales is dangerous because you’re being targeted with advertising that pushes you to make a purchase. If you want to shop online or in-store during Black Friday sales season, go into those environments with a clear purpose. You could even write this down a shopping list to help you stay away from temptation if you’re on a budget.


By being aware of your behaviour, it’s possible to stay out of the red during the Black Friday sales.

Save this article if it helps to refresh your willpower every time you feel tempted to overindulge. Feel free to take advantage of the sales prices but don’t overindulge to the point you wake up with a financial hangover.   

Kate Crowhurst

Written by Kate Crowhurst


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