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Make money from your wardrobe and save the planet

Make money from your wardrobe and save the planet, with Money Bites
Making sure your clothes don’t end up in a landfill.

Bite-Size Read:

  • Many of us buy clothes we don’t use, and these end up in a landfill.
  • Instead, you can clear out your closet to make money from your wardrobe mistakes.
  • With sustainability in mind, these money do’s and don’ts will help you make more sustainable fashion choices, which is good for your wallet and the planet.


Have you been throwing away what doesn’t spark joy?

Many of us are enjoying Marie Kondo’s organising philosophy and decluttering our homes. We’re starting with our wardrobe like Marie does and throwing out what doesn’t spark joy. Unfortunately, this has put a burden on charity shops, with some paying $13 million annually to send unusable donations to landfill.

We’re throwing out clothes at an increasing rate. 

Almost a quarter of us throw out clothes after one wear, and 40% would throw out an item instead of repairing it. Fast fashion is a global issue, with 12% of clothes in wardrobes not ever being worn. And when we do take action, we contribute to waste problems, with 85% of all textiles disposed of in the US ending up in landfill or being burned.

Disposing of clothes we no longer want is not the answer. 

If something no longer sparks joy, there’s an alternative to dumping that problem on a charity shop. Instead, look at how you could make money from your wardrobe. You can make more sustainable choices by selling clothes you no longer want, which is good for your wallet and the planet.




Here’s the money do’s and don’ts to make money from your wardrobe and save the planet: 




1. DO a wardrobe audit

This means taking out everything from your wardrobe and auditing what you wear and what just takes up space. The Marie Kondo method involves putting everything on the bed and only putting it back in your closet if it sparks joy. Put your work clothes in there no matter what, even if the job itself doesn’t spark joy. 




2. DON’T lie to yourself

When you’re doing a wardrobe audit, it’s tempting to lie to yourself and put items back in the wardrobe even though you know that you will never wear them again. A clever hack is to turn your hangers around when you wear something and identify from this what you don’t use.




3. DO keep items of emotional significance

There are certain items that you may never wear again but associate with treasured memories. So instead, pack up these items in secure storage boxes and put them elsewhere in your wardrobe. 




4. DON’T dump unwanted items in a charity bin

A charity bin is not a dumping ground for your unwanted items. Instead, separate your clothes into what you will sell, give to friends and family, repair or reuse the fabric. If you cannot sell these clothes and they are of good quality, donate them to a charity shop. You can even go into the shop and ask whether they want the items to ensure the clothes that you donate can be sold by the charity.




5. DO try selling your unwanted clothes online

A great way to stop yourself from fashion impulse purchases is to sell second-hand clothes online. Going through this process means you find your items a new home and give them a new lease of life. You also are more likely to think before you buy new clothes in future. 




6. DON’T give up if your items don’t sell

It can be challenging to sell your second-hand clothes online when you’re competing against people who do this professionally. Look at similar items sold online, try different pricing and postage options and try other selling platforms to find one that works for you and your fashion style.




7. DO read the clothing fabric care label

You may have seen that all items of clothing have a fabric care label stitched into them. This label tells you how to care for, wash and dry your clothes. If you want to make more sustainable choices and save money, consider picking fabrics that take less money and time to care for. Dry cleaning is expensive and if you know you won’t pay for it, reconsider if you’ll get value from that item.




8. DON’T rush out to buy more clothes

It’s a considerable achievement when you sell an item of unwanted clothing online. That doesn’t mean you should purchase multiple new clothing items as a treat. Consider what you actually need in your wardrobe, take up a buy one sell one model or direct the money elsewhere in your budget.

Being mindful about your wardrobe choices is great for your wallet and the planet.

In a world where we increasingly dump items that we no longer use, selling your old clothes is a way to dispose of them responsibly. Try seeing how you can make money from your wardrobe and give a new life to what no longer sparks joy.

Written by Kate Crowhurst

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