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Launched: the Money Bites podcast is finally here

The Money Bites podcast is here to give you a dose of bite-size financial literacy.
The Money Bites podcast is here to give you a dose of bite-size financial literacy.

Bite-size read:

  • Money Bites has launched a bite-sized podcast about money. 
  • Our main show is the money and pop culture show, which shows you what you can learn about money from the TV shows, films, and songs you love.
  • You can find the Money Bites podcast on all good podcast platforms, including Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, and Spotify. 


We have exciting news: the Money Bites podcast is here and launched.

We’ve been working on this project for a while. I’ve worked in radio for years and working on financial literacy for about a decade. As the founder of Money Bites, it made sense to bring these two things together and start a podcast about money. 


Welcome to the Money Bites podcast

We didn’t want to make another finance podcast. You know, the kind where you feel like you’re being lectured by your accountant. So instead, our goal is to create a finance podcast that gets to the point. A bite-size financial literacy podcast.


Here’s 5 things you can expect from the Money Bites podcast:


1. Bite-sized financial literacy

Our podcast aims to share financial literacy through short snippets of relevant information. As you know, our blogs share a bite-size read snippet at the top of each article to save you time. Well, our podcast will summarise everything you need to know in a bite-size summary at the end for easy listening. Easy to listen to and relevant? Yes, please!


Yes! The Money Bites podcast is launched
So keen for this podcast


2. Financial literacy expertise on tap

The benefit of working in financial literacy is that we know a lot of finance experts. And we’ll be calling them to share their lessons about how to get better with money in a bite-size relevant way. You can expect to learn more about money from financial literacy experts on investing, saving, and how to retire with enough money in your bank account.


Like the experts on the voice, except without red chairs


3. Money and pop culture

Our unique offering is our Money and pop culture episodes. These episodes draw from pop culture and use references you already know to teach you something new. You can expect weekly episodes that delve into what we can learn about money from the TV shows, films, and songs you love. We also take recommendations if you’ve seen an episode we should watch and cover on the podcast. Whether it’s a film from the 1970s or a brand-new show with an episode about finance, we want to hear about it.


Noice! Our podcast is launched and has a Brooklyn 99 episode to start
Our first episode is on Brooklyn 99 and we love it


4. Money stories

The stories we tell ourselves about money are hugely important. However, if you go on social media, you only see the money wins. Instead, we’ll be sharing money stories from amazing young people. They’ll be sharing their full money stories, including their highlights, financial regrets, and the one thing they want you to know about money. No filter required.


Great story
Expect some great stories


5. We want to hear from you

At Money Bites, we want to grow with your support. If you could take the time to give us a listen, we would love your feedback on how we’re doing. And if you have 5 minutes, we’d really appreciate you reviewing and rating the podcast on your chosen platform, it really helps us out. If you like what you hear, go one further and share the podcast with those you love to ensure you both end up next to each other in a plush and comfortable retirement village.


Wave hello
Jump on the contact us page and say hi!


Give the Money Bites podcast a listen, for a dose of bite-size financial literacy.

We’re so excited to share the podcast with you after months of dreaming about it. With the podcast now launched and a reality, we’d love your support to keep it relevant and topical. Because everyone uses money and just how an apple keeps the doctor away, we can all use a dose of bite-size financial literacy.

Written by Kate Crowhurst

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