10 Christmas Gift Ideas for every Budget

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gifts that won’t break your budget 

If you’ve read the 5 Christmas shopping hacks, you’ll know the importance of planning ahead and shopping within your budget. While the shops are crowded in December, it can save you money to look online first for gift options within your budget.

To help you get started with budget friendly Christmas gifts, here are 10 Christmas gifts for every budget, ranging from $10 to $40:

Under $10

  1. Pep Talk Note Pad – For perking up those you love

The perfect gift for perking up those you love. These pep talk notes are modern etiquette for the masses, with a pep talk to cheer up those you love when they need it most. There are a range of notes from the passive aggressive citations to apologies, expressing WTF and IOUs. Shop Pep Talk Note Pad.

  1. Van Gogh Bookmarks – For the book lovers in your life

The perfect gift for the book lovers in your life. These book marks allow you to appreciate art work while you read. The book marks cover Van Gogh’s art works from Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, Sunflowers, Starry Night, Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, At Night, Irises, The Night Cafe, and Portrait of Doctor Gachet. Shop Van Gogh Bookmarks.

Under $20

  1. Why Mummy Drinks – For your mum friends

The perfect for gift for the mums in your life. This Sunday Times bestseller is written in the form of a diary from the perspective of Ellen, a woman managing two young children, a husband and family dog. With her 39th birthday looming, she draws up plans to be a more ‘perfect’ and organised mother, plans which do not exactly go to plan. A funny, honest and a little bit sweary take on motherhood. Shop Why Mummy Drinks.

  1. Teacher Life Colouring Book – For the teachers in your life

The perfect gift for the teachers in your life. As a former teacher myself, colouring is a great way of reliving stress from the classroom. The book is in style of a chalk board, with snarky slogans and inspirational phrases that acknowledge the work teachers do, for which they deserve endless thanks and a starting salary of ten million dollars a year. Shop Teacher Life Colouring Book.

Under $25

  1. Packing Cubes – For the frequent travellers

The perfect gift for the travellers in your life. These light weight packing cubes will help keep your belongings neatly stored and organised in your travelling bags. The fabric containers protect garments against wrinkles, are machine washable and will save you time as you can quickly find what you need for the day. Shop Packing Cubes.

  1. Wine Aerator – For red wine lovers

The perfect gift for lovers of red wine. The aeration improves the taste of any wine, with a sleek design, a silicone stand and a velvet carrying pouch to take this device with you on the move. Simply hold the decanter over your glass and pour the wine through the decanter. It’s easy to use and dishwasher safe. Shop Wine Aerator.

Under $30

  1. Keep Cup – For the person who likes their morning coffee

The perfect gift for someone who picks up a daily morning coffee. Keep Cup is an established company which started in Melbourne in 2009 and provides reusable coffee cups. This version is crafted from blown tempered glass and will make your daily coffee feel more luxurious and sustainable. If you want some similar sustainable gift ideas, here’s 5 reusable products you need in your life right now. Shop Keep Cup.

  1. Freezable Wine Bag – For the person who likes their drinks cold

The perfect gift for someone who loves chilled white or cold beer. This resuable wine bag features cooling technology so that you don’t need to use ice blocks to keep your drinks cool. The bag protects and keeps your wine, champagne or beer chilled for hours. Just put it over your shoulder, roll out the picnic rug and enjoy a cold beverage in the summer air. Shop Freezable Wine Bag.

Under $40

  1. Burrito Blanket For the person who is always a little bit cold

The perfect gift for someone who is always a little bit cold. This novelty burrito throw blanket will wrap you up like a Mexican burrito as you cuddle up on the couch with Netflix or cover up in the evening breeze. The five-star ratings on this product speak for themselves. Give someone the gift of feeling as warm and soft as a wrapped burrito this Christmas. Shop Burrito Blanket.

  1. Jamie’s Ministry of Food – For the person who needs to learn how to cook

The perfect gift for someone who needs to learn how to cook. I bought this cook book as soon as it came out in 2008 because I needed to start cooking rather than relying on takeaways. If you’re spending too much on UberEATS, this book provides a guide on how to cook classic recipes at home, with stage‑by‑stage photos and simple instructions. If you thought it was too late to learn how to cook, think again. Shop Jamie’s Ministry of Food.

The key to Christmas being enjoyable is to shop within your budget so that you spend your time having fun rather than worrying about money. These 10 gift ideas are a great starting point to find the right gift within your budget. Remember to plan ahead and set spending limits so that you start January ready to keep working towards your money goals.

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